I have 20 + years experience in film and TV, where I has been variously employed as a lead scenic artist, storyboard artist, concept artist, sculptor and etc, all art related. Preference is old school – pencil, paper, paint, brushes. But I’ll work as you wish and working over the web is no problem.

rick and ada (1 of 1)

also, in the interest of time…

Rick Mobbs is a minor 21st century figurative painter, likely destined to be remembered as the husband of Naomi Swinton, and the father of Jason Bruno and Spencer Broadus Aurelius Mobbs. The new arrival (July 4, 2008) Ada Corrina Meridian Swinton will likely outshine him, too, but he keeps plugging away- painting, writing, assembling all manner of things and trying to destroy as little as possible as he makes his way through life, one day at a time.

More info, paintings, sculpture, film and tv resume and samples at rickmobbs.com
ada's pony, ada's world

ada @ 3 weeks

kids on the porch, corn in the field

the amazing mr b


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