Welcome. I am a storyboard and scenic artist working in Film, TV and Commercials. I reside and work primarily in New Mexico although I travel and work over the web as well. Click here for  ResumeStoryboard Samples and samples of art and backdrops for Film, TV and Commercials.

I have worn a lot of hats in the business and I am credited as a Painter, Scenic Artist, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor, Scenic Artist, Scenic Charge and Art Director.

Highlights include boards for”Breaking Bad”, (Dead Freight, the fifth episode of the fifth season, written and directed by George Mastras); boards for two Nicholas Sparks movies – “The Notebook“, directed by Nick Cassavetes, and “A Walk to Remember“, directed by Adam Shankman; and storyboards for the long opening shot of “Elmo in Grouchland” directed by Gary Halvorson, as well as art direction and boards for Nickelodeon and storybords for Gatorade.

Other highlights include painting a 26,000 sq. ft. realistic backdrop for Muppets from Space” with Andre Mitchell, another scenic artist; and figure and costume drawings for casting “Ninja Turtles 2”; and art direction for “Loggerheads”, a feature film.


My Contact Info:

Rick Mobbs
United World College
P.O.Box 248, Montezuma, NM 87731

910-233-2497 cell



rickmobbs.com – paintings and sculpture
new mexico storyboards and art to go – film and tv; samples and resume
the storybook collaborative – ekphrasis : my images, their writing: a sampling of collaborative work


-Breaking Bad 

Final Season – Train Robbery Episode

– Nickelodeon – 

Storyboards for Nickelodeon for a new products launch commercial.

nick boards with notations

Many more samples are on my Storyboard Samples page.